here are some of the technology things I spend my free time on

Tech Stack

  • React JS frontend
  • Bare metal hosting on Digital Ocean
  • MongoDB
  • Apex Charts
  • Node Backend

This project serves two main purpsose, to aggregate motocross results from a wide variety of sites as well as provide as well as provide a service to compute the qualification of an athlete for the amateur motocross national championship.

The algorithm for qualification is not too complicated, but the aggregating of datasets from across the nation is tedious, this tool saves parents many many hours.

This project is currenly privately funded.

Norcal Youth Motocross Facebook Group

We were completely new to the sport 7 years ago and we found that it was very hard to get access to information.

What started with just a few friends joining has led into a private Facebook group with 1634 members at the moment. The members use this group to share information, buy/sell gear and bikes and much more.

I have been blessed with a few group administrators who focus on the group, so I have very little involvment at this stage.